Oil production assumes its further transportation and storage, for this, interested organizations need special containers for its storage.

Seasonal fluctuations in the use of oil increase the demand for such tanks – storage tanks for oil, to which there are special requirements. Since significant amounts of oil create the danger of a fire, regulations have been established for its transportation and storage.

Attempts to organize the storage of oil and gas in natural natural voids, which were conducted recently, proved to be economically untenable, since such an approach is expensive. In addition, it is not always possible to fully extract oil from such storage facilities.

The main requirements that the oil storage tanks must comply with are as follows:

  • The oil tanks should be of high quality, excluding the possibility of getting into the environment;
  • tanks are made of strong materials that are not subject to combustion: steel, reinforced concrete and synthetics.

The oil storage tank must be equipped with a breathing apparatus that balances the pressure inside and outside the tank during the arrival and release of the product, as well as the necessary devices for receiving and dispensing oil.

Stationary tanks can be installed in both above-ground and underground positions. Steel overground tanks are most often produced in cylindrical form, with a horizontal or vertical cylinder arrangement.

Some tanks are equipped with hydro-erosion systems to control bottom sediments. Such systems, reducing bottom sediment, help to use the reservoir volume more efficiently.

According to the method of use, the tanks are divided into stationary tanks in which oil is stored and the containers in which they are transported by various modes of transport. For transportation, it is used automobile, railway transport, as well as water transport and pipelines.

The oil storage tanks used for temporary storage may be collapsible or skeletonized. They are made of polymers with a metal frame and are installed quickly enough. It should be noted that the volume of such containers is usually small.