Mazut oil is considered one of the most popular fuel materials, so storing mazut oil is an urgent problem for many organizations. It should be noted that mazut oil during storage inevitably undergoes certain physicochemical changes and mechanical contamination, so its storage requires the availability of quality equipment.

Despite the general low degree of evaporation, with time, when the light hydrocarbons evaporate, the viscosity of the fuel and the temperature of its flash increase. As a result of storage, the water content in the fuel can also increase significantly, due to condensate and steam entering due to malfunction of the fuel oil heaters.

The storage period of mazut oil, considered from the moment of its production, can not exceed five years. Mazut oil from storage after this period should be removed, after which to determine its suitability it is necessary to conduct fuel analysis.

The storage tank for mazut oil does not require airtightness, it is usually constructed of different types of steel or reinforced concrete. There are ground and underground tanks, as well as horizontal and vertical ones.

The main requirements for tanks are their strength and protection from static electricity. Install the tanks in rooms equipped with reliable ventilation or on specially equipped open areas.

To prevent spoilage of mazut oil as a result of improper storage, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the roof, the steam supply system and other associated equipment. Otherwise, it may contaminate mazut oil, fuel, water, debris and other foreign matter.