Baltik Transpetro Terminal Facilities

Located in Primorsk, Vyborg District, with total storage capacity close to 45,000 cubic meters is able to supply Marine Gasoil, Low Sulfur Gasoil, Ultra Low Sulfur Gasoil, Fuel Oil 180 CST and Fuel Oil 380 CST.

Our refined products terminals receive refined products from pipelines, barges, and trucks and distribute them to third parties, who in turn deliver them to end-users and retail outlets. Terminals are facilities where products are transferred to or from storage or transportation systems, such as a pipeline, to other transportation systems, such as trucks or other pipelines. Terminals play a key role in moving product to the end-user markets by providing the following services: storage; distribution; blending to achieve specified grades of middle distillates and Fuel Oil, and other ancillary services that include the injection of additives, our refined products terminal facilities consist of multiple storage tanks and are equipped with automated truck loading equipment that is operational 24 hours a day. This automated system provides controls over allocations, credit, and carrier certification.

Baltik TransPetro Terminal is suitable for storage Gasoil and Fuel Oil, with flash point above 60 °C. Three sets of trucks loading arms and Four Pumps sets for Trucks Loading

And Two Back Loading Pumps of 700 M3/hour connected with the berth enable simultaneous cargo operations. Segregated tanks and individual pipelines for different grades of products ensure product integrity.

UAE, Rotterdam & Houston Oil Terminal Facilities

Through our Joint Venture Agreements, Zao Baltik Transpetro operates terminals in Houston, Rotterdam and UAE. The storage tanks located in these areas are perfect base for clients from around the world. The storage tank terminals operates more than four different multi-purpose distillation units.

Key Features of each of these terminals include:

  • Storage Capacity of more than 165,000 Cubic Meters;
  • All Petroleum Products Grades;
  • Four Pipelines ( 12 ” and 14 ” ) extended to the Deepwater Harbour Berth;
  • Four Pipelines ( 12″ ) extended to the inner Harbour;
  • Terminal facilities are designed to ensure fast and highly efficient vessel’s turnaround;
  • Ship-shore-ship operations capability;
  • Fully equipped for products blending;
  • Back Loading Pumping Rate of 1,200 Cubic Meter/Hour;
  • Heating System of the fuel oil storage tanks;
  • Tank gauging systems and batch controllers for custody transfer measurement;
  • Heat Tracing pipeline and insulation for Fuel Oil 380 CST;
  • PLC based SCADA system;
  • Foam Injection and Pressurized Firewater main and Hydrant system for exposure protection;
  • Tanker Truck Bottom loading yard.

Designed to store naphtha, gasoline, jet fuel, gas oil, fuel oil and base oil, the Terminal is strategically positioned to provide our customers with reliable and efficient one-stop services for their storage, blending and distribution needs.