We are Baltik TransPetro!

ZAO Baltik TransPetro was founded on June 07, 2003 for the purpose of construction and further operation of the existing oil trunk pipelines of the Baltic Pipeline System: the Yaroslavl – Kirishi and Yaroslavl – Moscow oil pipelines as well as the Surgut – Polotsk export-targeted pipeline (the section from Yaroslavl to Polotsk).
After the Baltic Pipeline System was put into commercial operation and was further extended, the company started growing gradually by adding the following subdivisions: the Kirishi – Primorsk oil pipeline, Nevskaya-1,2 OPS, Kirishi-1,2 OPS, Palkino – Primorsk oil pipeline, Palkino-1,2 OPS, Bykovo-2 OPS, and Sestroretskaya OPS.

Baltik TransPetro is focused exclusively on the safe transportation of oil, refined petroleum products and liquefied petroleum gas. The company’s current fleet consists of modern ships all built by leading shipyards in Russia, Netherlands and Korea.

While acquiring and maintaining a fleet of premium tonnage is one of our highest priorities, we nonetheless regard the professionalism of our personnel as the single most important factor in meeting the needs of our clients. Properly trained and qualified staff are our most indispensable asset, and in this context our longstanding cadet program forms an integral part of our obligation to the future.

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